Episode 108: Coaching Character with Brett Miller

September 5, 2018

If you were to call any youth sports organization and ask them about their core values, they would tell you how important qualities such as integrity, character, and sportsmanship are in their program. They would tell you how they are teaching kids life skills that will help them the rest of their lives.

But, if you asked them "how" they do it, their answers might get a little more vague. You might hear how their coaches have "x" years of experience, and that the game itself is such a great teacher of character. And it's true, but what you don't always hear or see if an actual process or system in place that makes teaching and developing character a priority. 

As a performance coach I see it all of the time. When you just rely on an individual coach to teach these skills based on their own beliefs and style, what you get as a parent or player is a crap shoot of coaching quality and consistency. You get a player who has an amazing experience with one coach, and then the next season in the same Club they have a totally different experience with a different coach. I am not talking about coaching styles, but an actual difference in philosophy and values from coach to coach. It's one of the big problems in our youth coaching programs.

So, it was refreshing when I came upon Brett Miller. Brett has been a youth soccer coach for about 5 years. He hasn't won a National Championship or World Cup (yet), but I guarantee Brett is changing lives with the impact he is having on his players, parents, and coaches, on his team and the other teams as well.

In Episode 108 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - Brett shares simple and applicable ways to make teaching character and life skills a relevant and natural part of coaching. 

I was really blown away from my time with Brett, and I think you wil too!

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Episode 107: Lionhearted Courage in Afghanistan

August 22, 2018

Episode 107 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast is in cooperation with InspiredToGive.org and their August theme of "To Be Lionhearted."

Travis sits down with his good friend Whitney Conner Clapper as she retells her experience of being in Afghanistan in 2013 while helping shoot the documentary, Afghan Cycles. The threat of the Taliban was very real and very present for Whitney and the film team, including the courageous women they were filming. Whitney describes how the team mentally and spiritually approached the project - including a terrifying experience that left Whitney telling herself, "I need to know what is on the other side of the door."

Each day we see inspiring, as well as tragic events, that continue to shape our communities and world. In the face of fear and adversity, do we have the lionhearted courage to keep stepping forward, to keep doing what we feel is right - even in the face of danger?

Listen to Episode 107 and learn how you can bring more lionheartedness to your courage!



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Episode 106: Quiet & Effective Networking with Lori Saitz

July 31, 2018

You never know how you are going to fall into a career or area of expertise? Lori Saitz never saw herself helping people with the very thing that made her so uncomfortable - networking. Today, Lori works with and coaches people all over the country who see themselves as too shy, quiet, or uncomfortable in public situations. And speaking for myself who is very comfortable on stage and speaking in front of audiences...I HATE networking events! 

In Episode 106 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - I am so excited to share Lori's story, as well as tips and ideas all of us can use to be better in public situations. Even all you extroverts out there - you need to listen to this episode!



Episode 105: StreetWaves with Maui Goodbeer

June 18, 2018

Episode 105 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast will inspire you! Maui Goodbeer is the Creator of StreetWaves - a non-profit organization that connects with the youth in under-served communities to teach them how to swim, surf, and sail. In the process - StreetWaves has transformed lives for over 10 years.

Maui's story for starting StreetWaves is humbling and powerful. 

This podcast is also in partnership with InspiredToGive.org - whose theme this month is all about belonging. Maui's story and example is the perfect interview for this theme as he has proven how through StreetWaves that belonging can be created in the most unexpected ways. 



Episode 104: Stop Competing!

June 1, 2018

In Episode 104 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - Travis urges everyone to stop competing!

No, not stop trying, or striving, or pushing yourself beyond your limits. Instead, stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Stop trying to make yourself look better by making or hoping someone else looks worse. Stop turning life into a competition, when most of life is a collaboration. 

Travis shares examples from his recent work with a major football program, as well as a Major League Baseball team - and helping their coaches shift from a compeititon to collaboration mindset. 

Interested? Give is a listen!

Episode 104 is also in partnership with Inspired To Give. Check it out at www.inspiredtogive.org



Episode 103: Lit Within!

May 11, 2018

What does it mean to be "Lit Within?" Last month we tackled the spiritual aspect of what it means to be "woke," and in May we focus our attention on "lit." If being woke is all about raising our consciousness, being "lit" is what it means when we take action.

In Episode 103 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - Travis looks at the idea of being "lit within." This podcast is also in partnership with Inspired to Give - where you can explore how others are finding inspiration that leads to action. With the help of some friends - Travis explores what it means to be "lit within" - and poses some questions to help each of us blow on the embers of our own flames. 



Episode 102: Humor is a Choice with Andrew Tarvin

May 7, 2018

In Episode 102 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - Travis sits down with Humor That Works creator Andrew Tarvin. Andrew is the world's first Humor Engineer...because he gave himself this title. He left a successful job with Proctor and Gamble because he saw the need to bring the importance of humor to the corporate world. 

In this podcast we get to talk improvisation, which Andrew started in college. He has also traveled the country as a stand-up comedian and is a best-selling author. He has an awesome TEDx talk and is often mistaken for a cross between Hugh Jackman and Conan O'Brien. 

How important is humor in the workplace? Does it lead to greater bottom-line success? Well...guess you need to listen to find out!



Episode 101: Stay Woke!

April 24, 2018

In Episode 101 Travis does a solocast in conjunction with our friends at Inspired To Give. Spring is here! Renewal, rebirth, and reawakening. Not only is there a physical transformation taking place as nature comes alive - we have seen how there is a societal, environmental, and spiritual awakening happening as well! 

This awakening is about raising our individual and collective consciousness. It's about being Woke!

Yup, I realize as I use that term I have officially made it uncool. It's just lost any hipness it had. But, the spirit of what woke stands for is all about elevating consciousness in a way that makes us more aware, motivated, and intentional about the choices we make. 

You want to get woke? Listen to the podcast!




Episode 100: Flint Town, March For Our Lives, Yes And!!!

March 30, 2018

This is Episode 100!!! A monumental episode for a production team of one. I started this podcast as a way for me to share my views and ideas of what it means to live with a "yes, and" mindset. And, I wanted to share the stories and inspiration of others living a life of purpose and passion, who demonstrate a "yes, and" mindset when it comes to dealing with adversity and struggle.

For Episode 100, I went home. I was born and raised in Flint, MI - though I haven't lived there in over 20 years. But, I travel to Flint often to do work and see family. For this episode, I returned hope to speak at the GearUp2Lead Conference for the 3rd straight year, as well as doing three other talks during the week. While in town I stopped in for a Euphrates event at Powers Catholic High School, and attended the March For Our Lives rally in Flint. 

There could not have been a more appropriate place to celebrate episode 100!


Episode 99: Wipe That Smile Off Your Face!

March 8, 2018

In Episode 99 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - Travis has another solo cast, in partnership with Inspired to Give. In this episode Travis tells about his recent trip to Tampa to work with a professional baseball staff, as well as meeting with a Navy SEAL, and Unity Minister - who happen to be two different people. Travis also talks about his most recent talk for Creative Mornings Palm Beach just days after the horrific Florida shooting - and how we all have an opportunity to come together as a community in kindness inspired ACTION! 

Make sure you check out www.InspiredToGive.org to see all of the wonderful examples of how people are putting prayer into action!