The Weekly Yes, And Podcast

Episode 117: The Modern Dad with Perry Towle

June 10, 2019

Father's Day is quickly approaching here in the United States - so what better time to think about the importance of fatherhood? In Episode 117 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast, Travis brings back Perry Towle to talk about the modern dad. 

Perry is the creator of Ungloo, and the purpose of Ungloo in Perry's words is to provide "simple tools, inspiration, videos and group support (online and in Boulder, CO) to propel hands-on fathers into a new world of mental, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional well being. We focus on fathers because we are at a time in history when dads are more hands-on with their children than ever and participating domestically more than ever before."

Interesting, right? So, let's dig into Episode 117 with Perry and talk about a more evolved expression of fatherhood!

This podcast is also in partnership with our amazing friends at Inspired to Give!

Click here to check out Ungloo, as well as the Daily Tracker that we reference numerous times in the podcast!

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