Episode 100: Flint Town, March For Our Lives, Yes And!!!

March 30, 2018

This is Episode 100!!! A monumental episode for a production team of one. I started this podcast as a way for me to share my views and ideas of what it means to live with a "yes, and" mindset. And, I wanted to share the stories and inspiration of others living a life of purpose and passion, who demonstrate a "yes, and" mindset when it comes to dealing with adversity and struggle.

For Episode 100, I went home. I was born and raised in Flint, MI - though I haven't lived there in over 20 years. But, I travel to Flint often to do work and see family. For this episode, I returned hope to speak at the GearUp2Lead Conference for the 3rd straight year, as well as doing three other talks during the week. While in town I stopped in for a Euphrates event at Powers Catholic High School, and attended the March For Our Lives rally in Flint. 

There could not have been a more appropriate place to celebrate episode 100!


Episode 99: Wipe That Smile Off Your Face!

March 8, 2018

In Episode 99 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - Travis has another solo cast, in partnership with Inspired to Give. In this episode Travis tells about his recent trip to Tampa to work with a professional baseball staff, as well as meeting with a Navy SEAL, and Unity Minister - who happen to be two different people. Travis also talks about his most recent talk for Creative Mornings Palm Beach just days after the horrific Florida shooting - and how we all have an opportunity to come together as a community in kindness inspired ACTION! 

Make sure you check out www.InspiredToGive.org to see all of the wonderful examples of how people are putting prayer into action!



Episode 98: Canon, Foles, and Super Bowls!

February 7, 2018

In Episode 98 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - Travis breaks down the two most recent and biggest football games - the College National Championship and the Super Bowl. Travis details how both games were won by back-up QB's, representing two organizations and athletes who clearly demonstrate a "Yes, And" Mindset and Culture. Travis shares the analogy of the difference between Canon and Kodak, and how one company responded to a changing industry with a "yes, and" mindset, and one stayed in denial. 

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Episode 97: Unleash the Athlete with James Leath

January 18, 2018

James Leath is an awesome guy! Imagine being a high-performing athlete, getting injured, and then becoming the college mascot. Kind of sounds like a Disney movie, right?

In Episode of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - Travis interviews James Leath, the Founder of Unleash the Athlete. Yes, James was a college mascot who became the Head of Leadership at IMG Academy, and now the Founder of Unleash the Athlete.

This is one of those fun conversations that touches on everything from sports, to improvisation, to following your heart. James is truly a Yes, And man!

Find out more about Unleash the Athlete.




Episode 96: What is Courage?

January 12, 2018

On Monday, January 15th, those of us in the U.S. will be celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It has become a U.S. holiday that represents the best of what our country stands for - symbolizing the expression of hope, inspiration, and courage. 

In Episode 96 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - in partnership with the Inspired to Give Podcast - Travis takes a deeper look at the real meaning of courage. 

The fruit of Dr. King's legacy can be seen in modern day acts of courage from the #MeToo Movement, to everyday acts of bravery by people inspired by their heart. 

What does courage mean to you?

And, how are you living and practicing courage on a day-to-day basis as you pursue your Y.E.S. (Your Excellent Self).

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Episode 95: Delivering Hope!

December 30, 2017

Episode 95 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast is a partner podcast with Inspired to Give.

In this episode Travis recounts the inspiration and impact of the Holiday Hope for the Homeless project conducted in Palm Beach right before Christmas.

Travis shares the impetus for the idea, the execution, as well as the outcome of raising nearly $2,000 to create holiday gift bags for the homeless. 

Find out more about Travis @LiveYesAnd

Find out more about Inspired to Give @InspiredToGiveOrg



Episode 94: I’m Glad You Asked with Tracie Jae

December 20, 2017

In Episode 94 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - Travis talks with Houston resident Tracie Jae about the creation of her card game "I'm Glad You Asked."

Tracie shares the inspiration behind the game, as well as the different ways others have used the game to build connection and conversation.

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Tracie Jae
Founder & CEO, Games that Change
Inventor - I'm Glad You Asked - the game that gets us talking



Episode 93: The WHY Project with JaYson Wells!

December 7, 2017

In Episode 93 of The Weekly YAP - Travis sits down for a lengthy conversation with his new friend and former professional basketball player Jayson Wells. In addition to a long pro career that took him all over the world, Jayson shares his passion for leadership and helping young people find their purpose - their WHY!



Episode 92: RAK Friday Reveal

December 1, 2017

Episode 92 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast is all about RAK Friday 17! In this special podcast Travis gives you a recap of all the awesome Random Acts of Kindness performed and then posted from RAK Friday. You will also hear from 4 other participants across the country who took part in the RAK's - and what the experience meant to them.

Did they achieve their goal of 2,017 RAK's performed? 

You'll have to listen to find out!



Episode 91: Rock Steady with Drew Thompson

November 22, 2017

Episode 91 and there is a lot to be thankful for in 2017. Yes, this is the Thanksgiving podcast for The Weekly YAP!

In episode 91 Travis sits down in-person with Drew Thompson, the owner of Rock Steady Juice Joint in Jupiter, Florida. Drew shares his inspiring story of having to give up his dream of playing professional baseball after enduring years of injuries, and then shifting gears completely and deciding to open his own business. With nothing more than a high school education, Drew finds a passion that he is able to bring to his community to bless others. 

So, have another piece of pumpkin pie, unbutton your pants, and sit back on the couch and listen to Episode 91!