Episode 88: Outlandish TV

November 2, 2017

Episode 88 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast is here! In this episode Travis talks with Ricky Seaman, the Creator of Outlandish TV, and his Producer and Cinematographer Mark Dearborn. This is a fun and engaging conversation around the inspiration behind Outlandist TV and the insights learned from traveling the globe. 

Outlandish TV




Episode 87: Seeking to Understand with Jaz Martus

October 26, 2017

Episode 87 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast is a special conversation with 17 year-old Jaz Martus from Flint, Michigan. Jaz is an exceptional young man. While most high school seniors spend their time worrying about college and prom dates (not that Jaz doesn't), he has taken on projects that get him outside of his comfort zone in order to understand his fellow man better.

A practicing Catholic, Jaz decided to spend his summer visiting different faith services in order to experience the beliefs behind their religions. To date Jaz has attended over 20 services. As a result of this work he recently created a chapter for the Euphrates Institute in his high school bringing students together to understand and appreciate the diversity in the Middle East, as well as creating dialogue for how we deal with differences of all kind. 

This is an inspiring young man, so I guess you need to listen to Episode 87 of the YAP!




Episode 86: Improv(e) It with Erin Diehl

October 18, 2017

In Episode 86 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - Travis interviews Erin Diehl, the CEO and Founder of Improve It. Erin has been a life-long performer who found improvisation and has turned it into a successful business of inspiring leaders and cultures - as well as giving philanthropiclly to the community. It is rare that Travis gets to interview other improvisors, and Erin doesn't disappoint as she shares why the principles of improvisation are so special to her, and how they are a powerful tool in the workplace. 

Find out more about Erin and Improve It!




Episode 85: What Would You Say?

October 11, 2017
Episode 85 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - in this episode Travis asks the question, “What would you say?” What would you say to someone if you knew they were about to commit an egregious act? Not “what would you do to stop them,” but what would you say to them to reinforce their value and worth in the world? Isn’t that what we are missing right now? 
Travis talks about the need for each of us to be more intentional in how we respond with each other, and think about the impact we want to have with every interaction. 
What would you say if you knew your words had the power to transform?
Listen to the YAP!

Episode 84: Conflicted Leadership

October 6, 2017

In Episode 42 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - Travis does another solocast inspired by the recent events in Puerto Rico, the NFL, and the Las Vegas tragedy. Travis looks at President Trump, not from a political position, but from a perspective of leadership in light of the last few weeks. Travis also shares his ideas on our response to Las Vegas, and what each of us can do in order to be a symbol and tool of progress.



Episode 83: Pull Together!

September 22, 2017

Episode 83 of The Weekly YAP is here! In Episode 83 Travis does another solocast talking about the idea of "Pull Together!" Inspired by the recent hurricanes and earthquakes, and the opportunity for all of us to come together and pull together.

In this episode Travis shares 4 inspiring ideas about how we can all work together in our relationships, organizations, and teams. 

I guarantee there is an idea here you can put to work right now!



Episode 82: Hurricanes Happen

September 15, 2017

It's been awhile since the last The Weekly Yes, And Podcast. Too long. In that time there has been two major tragic hurricanes to hit the United States. Travis had the pleasure of being at home in south Florida for Hurricane Irma, coming just two short weeks after his mom passed away.

Hurricanes come in all shapes and forms. We don't need to like them, but we need to accept them. In this episode of the YAP Travis talks about how a Yes And Mindset is the proper response to every hurricane that comes our way. 




Episode 81: L.O.V.E. Leadership!

August 8, 2017

In Episode 81 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast - Travis talks about what L.O.V.E Leadership is all about, and how recent research conducted at Google, as well as the recent book "The Captain Class" by Sam Walker further describes a different kind of leadership we are used to describing. 


Coaches: Culture before X’s and O’s

July 26, 2017

This is a SPECIAL EDITION of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast with Travis reading his most recent blog post titled, "Coaches: Culture before X's and O's!" 

If you are a coach, manager, or parent - these ideas in this post will be helpful for creating a culture that transforms lives!



Episode 80: Then Jordan Spieth Happened!

July 24, 2017

Episode 80 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast is back!

In this episode Travis digs in deep to the recent miraculous performance of golfer Jordan Spieth and his victory in the British Open. There are a lot of things Travis wants to talk about, but they all took a backseat once Travis watched Jordan demonstrate a level of mental toughness and resilience on his way to winning his 3rd major title.

Travis walks you through the crucial turning point on the 13th hole, and how you can apply the same mental toughness to your own life in order to live "Yes, And!"

Whether you are a golf fan or not - you will want to hear this episode!